Should employers give their employees Boxing Day off?

In a recent debate on Good Morning Britain between Piers Morgan and senior MP Helen Jones regarding whether employees should have Boxing Day off, and since Piers’ passionate outcry on the subject, more and more employers are giving their staff boxing day off. This includes Wongs Jewellers in Liverpool, one of the biggest retailers who have decided to close on one of the busiest days of the year for shopping.

So why should employers give their employees the day after Christmas off? Surely employees may have already had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, so is there really a need for people to have an extra day off on Boxing Day?

People have argued that Boxing Day is meant for family time, that we should all be entitled to spend the three festive days with our families instead of going straight back to work. Critics have said that employers should be giving their staff more time off, whereas some employers argue that it’s good revenue for their companies to be open on Boxing Day, therefore employees should expect to work on boxing day.

Retailers are the ones who suffer the most, with most retail workers being required to wake up at ridiculous hours in the morning, then expect to work for 12 hours or even longer to satisfy busy shoppers that come out of their homes to hunt for the best bargains.

Boxing day is considered to be one of the busiest days of the year for high street shopping, with a record number of over a million people hitting the high streets on boxing day last year.

However, Susanna Jones got involved in the GMB debate by saying that “it’s not just shop workers who have to work on boxing day”, with Piers determined to prove his point by saying “Essential services are important, but we’re talking about people that should be home with their families”.

Either way, Piers Morgan’s passionate debate has got people talking so much that even the MP’s in government are currently debating on a boxing day shopping ban petition. Do you think this is wise?

Will you be letting your employers have Boxing Day off this year? What’s your thoughts and opinions on the subject?

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