Attract talent to your team

Ensuring you employ the right people and avoid costly pitfalls

Staff attrition adds a sizeable cost to UK businesses, whereby the loss of staff can become an increasingly large overhead to your business. An effective recruitment strategy can be easy to design and beneficial when implemented - but how do you go about building the desired frameworks for success?

Employee recruitment

Engaged People can help you by developing the perfect employment process designed specifically for your business. Armed with the knowledge and experience to help your business succeed, our HR Consultants have the skills and expertise in developing exceptional recruitment strategies.


Interview support

On-Site interview support will help you to ask the right questions and identify the right candidates for your organisation. Services include impartial, professional consultation, assistance during peak workloads and psychometric testing.


Contracts of employment

All employers regardless of size have an obligation to ensure contracts of employment are in place and compliant. We will help you to review existing contracts, arrange new contracts and ensure your business is legal and compliant with advice from employment lawyers.


Onboarding is a key starting point to fully integrated talent management and sets the stage for employee success in every area. We develop welcome programmes and induction schedules to ensure your new hire feels connected and informed from the start, improving employee engagement and ultimately, new hire retention.