Develop your people

A development plan is key to a successful business strategy

To develop your business you need to focus on your people; by developing your people you add to your business capabilities, skills, and competencies. A successful and sustainable business plan includes development of people through the course of their career - contributing to employee engagement and creating a happier workforce.

Development strategy

As an HR Consultancy with experience in a wide variety of businesses, we can help you with the creation and the implementation of your development plan by understanding your business strategy and identifying areas that need developing in order for you to achieve your business goals.


Management Development

A critical part of the ongoing success of your business is the training offered to develop your staff and future management from within. Engaged People will work with you to develop supervisory and management training schemes.


Succession Planning

Talent is a company’s most important differentiator and it’s not just about a handful of leaders at the top. Excellence across a range of skills and functions creates a real competitive advantage... and sudden gaps or departures can quickly erode it. We work with businesses to build strength and depth beyond senior roles and minimise the risk of future potential skills gaps.

Personal Development

Personal development plans (PDP) are key to your employee's growth. Engaged People can assist in the planning of personal development training in line or independent of an appraisal programme.


Talent Management

Talent Management is a set of integrated organisational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees. The goal of talent management is to create a high- performance, sustainable organisation that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.


Role Evaluation

Over time new roles are created and existing roles change as the business needs of the organisation develop.

Engaged People
Assess current roles

We will review current roles within your business and assess the activities and responsibilities required in each role.

Assess proposed new roles

When restructuring or growing your business, evaluating new roles for their impact is critical to success.

Grading schemes

Role evaluation is the consistent and systematic process used to determine the grade for a given role. We grade jobs fairly to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.