Manage more effectively

Effective People Management

Our experience in Human Resources ensures we have the knowledge and foresight to understand that a business is only as good as its people. Investing in a good people management process is as important as any investment in equipment or technology as it is usually one of the higher costs in any business. Having an effective method of managing your people will strengthen your business performance and can lead to greater profitability - our HR Consultants can help you achieve fantastic results.

Performance Management

Performance management is about creating a culture that encourages the continuous improvement of business processes and of individuals’ skills, behaviour and contributions. When faced with disciplinary issues, Engaged People can chair meetings and report recommendations ensuring an independent view. Absenteeism must be managed to avoid detrimental impact to your business.


Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures form the heart of your business and ensure effective running of departments and continuity. We will help you review existing procedures and create optimised policies to ensure the smooth running of your business.


Performance appraisal (or performance review) is a process for employees and their line managers to discuss performance and development, as well as the support they need in their role. Appraisals are a key part of performance management and Engaged People can assist with the design and support of paper based or electronic appraisal documentation.


Redundancy is one of the most traumatic events an employee may experience, but the negative effects can be reduced by sensitive handling of redundant employees and those remaining. Engaged People offers services around termination of employment, voluntary redundancy, redundancy pay, redundancy counselling, outplacement, selection for redundancy, downsizing and redeployment in unionised and non-unionised environments.



We engage with retirement specialists to ensure the needs of your business and employees are met.


Union Engagement

Engaged People is experienced in working with unions around pay negotiations and changes to terms and conditions. We offer guidance or will actively take part in discussions as required.