How to keep your team motivated - 5 top tips

What’s a successful company without a successful team behind it? No company can run successfully without a team who are dedicated, hard-working and more importantly: motivated to get your company’s aim across. That’s why you as an employer need to make sure that you’re managing a team who feel their work is appreciated. We’ve come up with 5 top tips to ensure your team are always motivated within your business:


From the moment you employ someone new to your team, there should be clear guidelines on what you expect of them as an employee. However, there should also be a mutual understanding on what your employee expects from you as an employer. It shouldn’t be a one-sided working relationship, as it is important to have regular conversations with each other. Employers should review their performance and be open to conversation with the employee to ensure that they’re 100% happy with what they’re doing; you’re happy with the work they’re producing and they’re happy with you as an employer. All these ingredients make the perfect recipe for a happy team and happy company.


A solid team is one who supports and works together. If one of your team members is struggling with their workload, ensure that they know you and the whole team are there to support each other when things get a bit too much. Ask yourself “Am I readily available to give support when they need it. For some people, just knowing the leader is there and willing to support them if things get difficult is encouragement enough.


If your team members are doing a good job, ensure they know about it. If you have worked hard on something that has taken an amount of time, wouldn’t you want to be recognised for your hard work and be congratulated about it? Small things like simply saying well done at the end of a hard working day can go a long way in making your team member feel and appreciate that sense of achievement.


Being part of a team and a business should mean that your employee should benefit from not only working up the ladder, but they should benefit by always learning something new and developing their existing skills everyday. Surely you’ve employed someone because you want them not only to do a job and work hard for you, but you want them to grow within your company to achieve greater things, meaning your company benefits from having people who have an incredible amount of knowledge behind them. Employees grow = your company grows.


If you’re not engaged with your business and your work, then why would your team members be engaged? A good leader is someone who wants to be somewhere and wants to strive and succeed within their business. Therefore, if you encourage a positive vibe within your company, then your employees will want to wake up every morning to get to work and work hard for you.

These top 5 tips are the way forward in order to improve your company’s overall well-being within your employees and within yourself as an employer. Could you do with shaping up your motivation skills?

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